What are your first thoughts about tandem skydiving?

Extreme sport, adrenaline, 4000 m (13000 feet), aircraft, free fall, parachute, landing. Yes, you are right, they are all the elements and basic things of it.

What is tandem skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is a special form of parachuting, where a licensed skydiver (a certified tandem instructor) performs everything: jumping out of the aircraft, free falling, guiding the parachute, landing. The passenger who is gridded to the licensed skydiver needs only a minimal previous training to jump, which he/she can get in a few minutes during the preparation process.

What kind of experience is tandem skydiving?

You can’t imagine it, until you have tried it. However, once you encourage yourself to jump, you are enchanted by this world. At first you are scared, then get excited and finally be more and more curious about the experience awaits you. After the few minutes preparation process, you can’t drive out of your head the thoughts what is going to be happen with you 4000 meters high. The flight itself is a great experience, but what is it like to jump out and to put yourself in the care of another person when you jump out? And then comes the moment when there is nothing under your feet, and you are thrilled with the euphoric feeling of free fall. In the first seconds you release all your fears with a big scream, and then enjoy the free fall which lasts about 40-50 seconds. Then the parachute opens, you calm down but at the same time feel sorry that this free and adrenaline-filled moment is over. During the descent you can decide to have a landing full of sharp turns, or it was just enough to have free fall and now just want to enjoy the scenery. Whichever one you choose, the landing comes in a few minutes, and all of a sudden you don’t even know where you are: your legs are shaking, your mouth is dry, you may feel dizzy from the big adrenaline rush. But one thing is for sure, no one can deprive you of this experience, it’s just yours.

So, this is the experience that you can have if you try tandem skydiving. But you can only know for sure what it is like if you book an appointment right now and give it a try.

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